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Sheet Pile
Steel sheet pile is a kind of section steel with lock. Its section has straight plate shape, groove shape and Z shape, etc., and there are various sizes and interlocking forms.
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Sheet pile

Steel sheet pile is a kind of section steel with lock. Its section has straight plate shape, groove shape and Z shape, etc., and there are various sizes and interlocking forms. The common ones are Larson type, Lackawanna type and so on. Its advantages are: high strength, easy to drive into hard soil; it can be constructed in deep water, and if necessary, it can be added with oblique supports to form a cage. Good waterproof performance; cofferdams of various shapes can be formed according to needs, and can be reused many times, so it has a wide range of uses.



1) The specifications and models of U-shaped steel sheet piles are abundant.

2) Designed and produced according to the European standard, the structure is symmetrical, which is conducive to repeated use, and is equivalent to hot rolling in terms of repeated use.

3) The length can be specially customized according to customer requirements, which brings great convenience to the construction and reduces the cost at the same time.

4) Due to the convenient production, it can be pre-ordered before leaving the factory when it is used together with the combined pile.

5) The production design and production cycle are short, and the performance of steel sheet piles can be determined according to customer requirements.

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Company Profile

Qingdao Renlu Steel Co., Ltd is a professional steel manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service.Our company is located in Jinan City Shandong Province, which is China's largest steel processing center. In line with the development concept of "Quality conquer the world, service achievement future.” We Dedicate to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, and our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.

We have more than ten years of production, trade experience and rich high-end 200 series 300 series 400 series steel. Our main products include various Stainless steel products ,including stainless steel plate,stainless steel round pipe,stainless steel square pipe, stainless steel coil,stainless steel bar, stainless steel profiles. We also supply PPGI, galvanized steel coil ,color coated aluminum coil, carbon steel coil ,steel round bar, steel flat bar,steel pipe ,steel angle bar ,H-beam ,I-beam, rebar etc. Main market distributes in North America, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe as well as Oceania.


How long is your delivery time?
Our daily inventory is more than 6000 tons, so for common product size, just need 5-7 work days from stocks; if the special size from new production, delivery 15-21 days.

How many countries you already exported?
Our products are widely used more than 60 countries already mainly from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, Germany, UK, Moldova, Italy, Turkey, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, America, Canada etc.

What’s your supported standard of products?
We can supply BG/T; ASTM; EN/DIN; JIS and other common standards products. Customers can name their requests and we can supply accordingly.

What’s your supported measurement and size?
For sheets and coils, we can support sizes in gauge, mm and inch/feet For pipes, we can support mm, SCH and DN

What cash do you take?
We can accept USD and RMB for now

What’s your payment term?
T/T, T/T + L/C, Paypal, etc.

What’s your incoterm?
FOB, CIF, DDP and other incoterm the customers named.

What’s your policy with dealers and wholesalers?
We have yearly plan for such customers and need to negotiate personally


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