Human Resources


Talent mechanism

Adhering to the principle of the party's management of talents and insisting on prioritizing the development of talents, TISCO has established a talent work leadership group, forming a talent work pattern in which departments perform their duties and cooperate closely, and grassroots units promote implementation. Formed an on-demand introduction mechanism focusing on high-level talents and recruiting talents in various ways, forming a talent training mechanism centered on the improvement of professional ability, and forming a career development mechanism centered on chief teachers.

Technology Platform

Established scientific and technological innovation platforms such as national technology centers, national key laboratories, national physical and chemical laboratories, academician workstations, and post-doctoral scientific research workstations, and continuously optimized the scientific and technological innovation mechanism of SBU, LHY, dual manager system, product engineer and other integration of production, marketing and research , To create a first-class stainless steel business platform and provide a stage for scientific and technological talents to display their talents. Organize the evaluation and commendation of outstanding scientific and technological contribution awards every year, and implement major incentives for scientific and technological talents and teams with outstanding contributions.

Talent development

Efforts to build Tailian Business School, improve the staff training management system, cultivate more than 300 internal trainers with experts in various professional fields as the core, develop more than 160 training materials and courseware with characteristics of the metallurgical industry, and continuously strengthen talent training capabilities Construction. Gradually establish a vocational skills evaluation model, continue to promote vocational skills evaluation, and quickly improve the vocational skills of employees through targeted vocational training. Vigorously promote the integration of production and education, and strengthen the cooperation between government and enterprises, schools and enterprises to cultivate talents.

Career channel

Comparing with domestic and foreign advanced peer companies, we have established a career development channel management system. In 2020, we will further open up the career development channel of scientists and senior chief teachers. 2 scientists, 2 senior chief teachers, and 86 chief teachers have been selected successively, and the hired chief teachers enjoy special salary and benefits.

Salary and benefits

Implement a market-oriented post salary system, and provide placement fees for newly recruited college students. Single college students live in college student apartments and enjoy housing subsidies within 5 years of working. Newly recruited college students enjoy special growth subsidies and regional subsidies within five years. In addition to the social insurance and housing provident fund stipulated by the state, employees also enjoy welfare policies such as corporate annuity, meal subsidy, transportation subsidy, fitness subsidy, paid vacation, health checkup for all employees, and paid recuperation.

Employees are the company's most important asset. Creating a warm and safe working environment so that all employees can work with peace of mind and give full play to their expertise has always been our goal. In order to attract outstanding talents to join us, in addition to providing excellent salary and welfare measures, the company also cooperates with complete education and training and smooth promotion and development channels. It is hoped that all talents who join the company can get the best development, learning opportunities and give full play to their individuals.