Surface Treatment

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Surface treatment is an important part of the application of stainless steel sheet

After surface treatment, it can be used in more occasions and improve aesthetics

  • Strict craftsmanship
    Strict craftsmanship

    The surface treatment of stainless steel is a precise job. It has very high requirements for grinding accuracy, grinding thickness, tolerance, and surface uniformity. We use the latest precision grinding equipment to provide customers with high-quality products.

  • Meet the requirements
    Meet the requirements

    Cold-rolled products often require more appearance processing. Therefore, we have introduced flat grinders, bar grinders, fine grinders and other equipment on the production line to provide customers with perfect products and reduce customers’ secondary expenses. Save every expenditure of customers

  • Stable quality
    Stable quality

    Quality is related to the production of customers, but also to the reputation of customers. In terms of product quality, we strictly produce and multi-check, and strive to provide customers with stable quality products.

  • Protective film
    Protective film

    The treated stainless steel plates will be coated to ensure that all products are as bright as new when they are delivered to customers. We also provide different coatings to meet customer needs.

  • Traditional color
    Traditional color

    Color-plated stainless steel plates are widely acclaimed stainless steel decorations. We provide 1000 tons of stocks in common sizes in common colors to provide customers with fast delivery

  • PVD Vacuum Equipment
    PVD Vacuum Equipment

    In order to meet customers' more requirements for colored surfaces, we have purchased PVD vacuum coloring equipment. This equipment can meet the modulation of all colors on the RAL color card, or perform color matching according to customer requirements, and provide customers with fast and high-quality color-plated stainless steel products