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Treated stainless steel has excellent decorative properties

Stainless steel decorative board is a long-term use, not easy to damage, easy to maintain indoor and outdoor decoration materials

  • Adaptability

    Facing different requirements, stainless steel decorative panel products show strong adaptability. It can meet almost all customer needs, from surface treatment to color, from corrosion resistance to plasticity, from

  • Excellent surface
    Excellent surface

    Surface treatment is the most important part of the decorative board. High-quality products can ensure that the gloss, flatness and physical properties of the decorative board are consistent after treatment.

  • Forging embossing pattern
    Forging embossing pattern

    Prefabricated forging embossed lines are also widely used on stainless steel decorative panels, which can make stainless steel produce regular or irregular-shaped lines, making the surface more look and feel and not monotonous

  • multiple colour
    multiple colour

    Color is very important for stainless steel decorative panels. Under the advanced PVD technology, the factory can make the stainless steel panels quickly and evenly produce color precipitation through ionization technology,

  • Variety of shapes
    Variety of shapes

    Stainless steel plates can be stamped through the entire plate to obtain different layout shapes, these shapes can be made according to the existing version, or customized according to customer requirements

  • Convenient for secondary production
    Convenient for secondary production

    After finishing the surface treatment, the stainless steel plate still has excellent secondary treatment performance, including bending, shearing, welding, etc., and can still maintain the original physical characteristics after