Company Culture


 Company Culture

  • Keep improving
    Keep improving

    In response to the national "energy saving and emission reduction" and "new and old kinetic energy conversion" environment, Renlu STEEL (SHANDONG) has always taken productivity upgrading as its primary goal. By the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan in 2025, Renlu STEEL (SHANDONG) will achieve 50% Energy consumption is reduced, the per capita emission standard for carbon dioxide is reduced by 7.5 percentage points, and the output and quality of new new national standard stainless steel products are increased by 30%. Continuous progress is the core of Renlu STEEL (SHANDONG) culture!

  • Our Mission
    Our Mission

    Today, when the global infrastructure is in urgent need of high-quality stainless steel, Renlu STEEL (SHANDONG) takes the customer first as the basic concept, quality first as the guarantee, and energy saving and emission reduction as measures to provide customers with the best quality service. Renlu STEEL (SHANDONG) strives unremittingly to create high-quality corporate benefits, accumulate high-quality customer resources, and realize its mission of contributing to global construction!

  • Our Teamwork
    Our Teamwork

    Employees and team spirit are the values of Renlu STEEL (SHANDONG ). Our employees are a key part of Renlu’s strategic goals. Renlu requires employees to fully consider their own work planning and development in their work. We respect individual differences in the work environment, create a unified and complete cooperation system, and provide employees with channels for expressing their opinions. Create a warm and caring environment for employees, so that employees can devote themselves to work without any worries!

  • Our Development
    Our Development

    Sustainable development is the top priority of the transformation of steel production enterprises. The organic combination of company management and sustainable development is an issue that has received more and more attention in the business field. At the same time, it can also improve people’s sense of corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility. To this end, we have formulated the company's vision and strategy to achieve the company's sustainable development and allow the company to make great progress in the future development.